Vibrating Massaging Neck Pillow
Soothing Vibration Waves To Relax - The contoured Vibrating Massaging Neck Pillow features a wrap-around loop that conforms naturally to your neck and helps eliminate tension. The neck massager pillow will bring comfort and relaxation to your lower neck to...
Vibrating Massage Ball
Vibrating Massage Ball
Professional Design - An original vibrating massage ball designed to facilitate a deeper and easier self-massage, with barely any effort. Its textured surface helps stimulate trigger points. With its small compact size, it's also very easy to use and carry...
Rechargeable Wireless Massage Heat Belt
Multiple-functional - A Rechargeable Wireless Massage Heat Belt and heat belt that is ideal for combating everyday stress, discomfort, and tiredness. This ergonomic body massager provides a pleasant feeling of relief, rest, relaxation, and well-being. Lightweight & Portable - Its...
Multifunctional Modular Pillow
Prioritize Your Personal Care - Bad Back Remedy makes it easy to prioritise your personal care without any excuses, as it offers the best and latest beauty, relaxation and wellbeing items! The Multifunctional Modular Pillow Rollow is a good example of...
Multi-Level Lumbar Support Stretcher
Multipurpose Self Massager for Whole Body – Multi-Level Lumbar Support Stretcher Spinal, back massager, shoulder massager and a back massager for bed, back massager acupressure, back massager chair, back massager car, Lower Back Pain Relief Treatment Stretcher | Chronic Lumbar...
Massage Gun for Muscle Relaxation
Deep Tissue Massage Gun - The Bad Bad Remedy percussion Massage Gun for Muscle Relaxation relieves neck and back pain. With pressure for deep tissue work, it's ideal for people experiencing stiffness due to long periods of sitting at work. It's...
Honeycomb Silicone Gel Cushion
Premium Quality Material - Our Honeycomb Silicone Gel Cushion is made of soft and elastic gel material. It adopts more than 500 balanced pressure and flexible honeycomb grids. It can be squeezed back to the original shape immediately after stretching,...
Ergonomic Pillow for Knees and Legs
Orthopedic Leg Pillow to Help Reduce Back, Hip, Leg, Knee & Sciatica Nerve Discomfort - As a side sleeper, you don’t sleep perfectly straight. Your top leg drops in front of you putting pressure on your back, your hip joints...
Electric Handheld Massager
Comfortable & Easy Performance - A modern and versatile electric handheld massager, perfect for comfortably and easily performing a relaxing, repairing and general massage. Its ergonomically designed extended handle makes it easy to use on any part of the body....
Compact Shiatsu Massager
Compact Shiatsu Massager
Relieve Muscle Soreness & Tension - The neck back Compact Shiatsu Massager is ergonomically designed to merge with the contours of different body parts. Neck massager's 4 Powerful 3D Massage Nodes with automatically changes direction every min can relax neck pain,...
Adjustable Back Posture Straightener
Portable Posture Backrest - Seat Adjustable Back Posture Straightener makes every chair ergonomic, even a chair without a backrest; upright sit up effortlessly on any chair. Seated Posture Correction - Retrain your body's default back posture, perfect your posture, resulting...
Innova relax muscle roller self massager
Effectively Relieve Cellulite -  Self massager for Muscles with a roller is mostly located on the Inner thigh, Outer thigh, buttocks, the back of the arm, and other parts that are not easy to exercise. The fully new upgraded 4...
Electromagnetic Neck and Back Massager
Innovative Design Massager - Enjoy a complete and relaxing massage with the new Bad Back Remedy electromagnetic neck and back massager! An innovative massager that relaxes and massages in depth through precise and efficient low-frequency electromagnetic impulses. It acts on the...
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