• Benefits of Pigeon Pose

    Benefits of Pigeon Pose

    The Pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), is a stretch utilized in many yoga classes to open the hips. It can benefit more than just the avid yogi. Everybody from the inactive office worker to the very active athlete can take advantage of including the pigeon stretch into their everyday lives. Many people bring unwanted stress to their hip area without realising. Numerous jobs need sitting...
  • The Couch Stretch

    The Couch Stretch

    The Couch Stretch extends and opens up your hips flexors, which are frequently tight and reduced due to great deals of sitting, biking, or running. The stretch can assist to prevent injury and enable you to feel better overall, both psychologically and physically. Benefits of Couch stretch include:  alleviates tightness and improves hip mobility  improves overall flexibility  reduces discomfort in your back, thighs, and...
  • Hamstring stretches for lower back pain

    Hamstring stretches for lower back pain

    The group of muscles that make up your hamstrings, which starts at the bottom of your pelvis and runs down the rear of your thigh muscles, and then to the back of your knee, is partly responsible for a well-aligned pelvic position. However the question remains, what effect does this Hamstring stretches have on my Lower Back?? The hamstrings are just one of the...
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