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Hi, my name is Chris and like millions of you, I have a bad back!

Being flat footed I have suffered with my back since my teenage years. Then in 2003 I damaged my back in a serious car accident!! I broke Lower 3,4 and 5 and had a crack in Lower 2. The doctors at the time told me that I would 100% get Arthritis of the spine which seeing as I was only 28 at this point, this was quite upsetting news. Luckily for me they were stable fractures and I was able to return to my office job after 16 weeks at home.

Now in my mid forties I have spent thousands of pounds in the last 18 years on Chiropractors, Sports Massage, Acupuncture etc. I have also spent hours upon hours trying various stretches and contraptions to help with my back pain. And now I would like to pass on my knowledge and experience to any of you that are suffering with back pain & discomfort like I do. I’m NOT a trained Physio or Chiropractor but as a day to day sufferer, I can hopefully give you an insight into what works for me in my daily life.

Despite all that I have mentioned, I still play Football, enjoy Cycling and try to go about my daily life with a positive outlook rather than feeling that I can’t do anything with my bad back. My back is stiff & tight 99% of the time but stretching and keeping moving definitely makes a difference.

I look forward to helping you!!!
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