Benefits of a sports massage


Do you commonly train or workout and find yourself hurting from aching muscles? Have you pulled muscles whilst lifting heavy weights? Among other circumstances, these are some of the reasons that people might require a sports activities massage. Let’s take a look as we'll be addressing the question many of you will have,  'What are the advantages of a sports massage?'.

So, what is a Sports Massage?

The best way to describe a Sports Massage is the process of manipulating the muscles, connective cells and also the ligaments fascia. It is a type of a deep tissue massage therapy used to help eliminate the stress and also limitations that can accumulate as a result of carrying out recurring and strenuous exercise such as Football, Rugby, Tennis, Running etc.

Benefits of sports massage

Benefits of a Sports Massage

Sports massage therapies are an extremely beneficial type of sports recovery. The process of massage therapy makes it possible for both the muscle tissue and the connective tissue to relax, decreasing discomfort and also muscle stress.

1. Strong Flow of Blood/Nutrients

Rubbing the muscle mass cells will certainly stimulate the flow of blood, this rubbing activity enables the capillary to open and dilate; allowing the nutrients to be passed into the blood stream significantly easier. These extreme rubbing motions help the circulation with both the blood as well as the lymph vessels. As muscular tissues get tight and also stiff, they act oddly like a sponge and squeeze blood out, more or less depriving the cells of nutrients which can help to fix damaged tissue. The activity of rubbing the muscles is a vital part of the massage therapy, permitting the damaged location to obtain the appropriate nutrients and a healthy supply of oxygen.

2. Reduces Pain

When suffering pain our body will normally release endorphins to aid minimise any kind of sensations of discomfort. Endorphins are an all-natural form of discomfort alleviation and can likewise be activated via massage therapy. By manipulating the muscular tissues, any kind of congestion of metabolic toxic irritants will be lowered as the muscular tissues loosen up. Along with this, muscular tissue tension will be launched, reducing any type of discomfort.

3. Promotes Relaxation

Having an excellent variety of motion will certainly aid with the relaxation of muscular tissues. Via sports massage, you can boost your range of motion, which in turn will give the muscle mass the possibility to relax; giving them with even more mobility. A poor range of motion will result in having tight or tense muscles which can result in injury to muscle mass tissue. To improve this, a sports massage will assist to heat up the muscles. Improving not just physical relaxation, you will relax mentally as well, due to a result of the pain being restricted and also drifting away.

4. Lower Your Anxiety/Stress

Sports massages aren't just for physical pain; they also aid your mental wellbeing. In the brain, endorphins are released by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. Along with this, natural forming chemicals are launched via neurotransmitters which help to reduce anxiety and also the sensations of stress, while additionally functioning as an all-natural pain reliever and boosting your state of mind.

5. Increase Your Performance

A reduction in suffering any pain and looser muscles will certainly enable you to have a stronger performance in your specific/chosen field or activity. It's important to heat up your muscular tissues prior to exercising as it relaxes them allowing them to be a lot more mobile, enabling a more powerful performance and lowering the danger of injury. Loosening up the muscles will strengthen them further optimising your sports performance.

6. Much better Flexibility/Mobility

When exercising or enduring laborious activity muscular tissues will tighten and get stiff. Because of this, it is really beneficial to make sure that you stretch the muscles you worked hard after your sport or activity, giving them the possibility to relax as well as ease up.

A massage functions similarly to stretching as it will get in deep to the muscle mass, loosening up as well as softening it to improve mobility, adaptability and flexibility.

7. Ease Those Sticky Bones

Sports massages can assist to separate the muscle mass fibres that might have adhered to each other or to soft tissue that surrounds them. Occasionally, they can also stick to bones which reduces movement and enhances the amount of rigidity in the muscle mass. A superb method to relieve the tightness of muscular tissues as well as stop the muscular tissue fibres sticking, is to partake in a sports massage to mobilise your muscle and soft tissues.

8. Reduces Metabolic Waste

As stated previously, massaging muscular tissues will certainly enhance the blood circulation. As the blood circulation is improved, if you continue to massage the damaged location, this will certainly aid eliminating any type of metabolic waste products from the tissue. These items could be something such as lactates; removing them, it will assist in the aid of the recovery.

9. Less impairments to Muscle Function

By getting rid of the tension in the muscular tissues, it helps to prevent further injuries. Tight muscles are not able to stretch, and that makes it more difficult to move easily. With extended muscles, there is a rise in the blood flow, which will enable a much better circulation of oxygen and nutrients,  that are important for a healthy repair of damaged muscle tissues and  fibres

Enjoying a sports massage will certainly enable you to see if there are any type of areas of muscular tissue  that require focus. Recognizing this, the physio therapist can then help to reinforce the weak location to prevent it from breaking down even more.

10. Minimizes Muscle Tension

Our bodies will constantly be there for us, so it is essential that we value them. If you are a physically active person, you might find that you can benefit from a sporting  massage. From massaging there will certainly be a reduction in the amount of discomfort you feel in your muscles, permitting them to loosen up as well as having increased flexibility.

11. Rehabilitation

A sports massage will assist to facilitate an injury. The procedure as well as the nature of a massage will enable extra oxygen to stream to the muscle mass cells raising your mobility. This circulation of oxygen will permit the muscle to be nourished with the ideal nutrients and also be devoid of any type of knotted tension. Sports massages will aid reconstruct the strength in weaker muscle mass and tissues by heating up the muscles. Warming them up will certainly raise flexibility and help in boosting muscle versatility.

12. Boosts Your Mood

Massages launch endorphins; they are a chemical in the brain that enables you to feel happy. They're released with other chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin and also serotonin. During massage therapy, the flow of blood is enhanced enabling it to flow smoother. Because of this, these chemicals are launched right into the system enabling you to feel a lot more relaxed and happier about yourself.


In general, sports massage therapies have a lot of benefits both physically and psychologically. The technique of the massage therapist is adjusted to concentrating on the areas that are overused from arduous activities/movements.

Literally, a sports massage will promote a smoother flow of blood and also nutrients, reduce discomfort and also tension, as well as assist with the recovery of an injury. This is all done with the process of manipulating the muscle mass to allow them to soften and loosen up.

Psychologically, it will profit you as it assists to reduce sensations of tension also anxiousness. This happens because of endorphins being launched into your body, permitting you to feel happy and tranquil. From this, your mood will certainly have enhanced as the discomfort is limited.

I personally have benefitted from sports massage over the last 18 years, I believe I would never have been able to play as much Football or clocked as many miles Cycling without my stretching routine coupled with regular sports massages.

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