How to Stay in Control of Your Health


We live in a world where it seems like someone has something to say about our health on every channel, every social media page, and in every conversation. However, it is ultimately up to us as individuals to control our own health, and that means putting in a bit of work starting today.

Bad Back Remedy shares tips in today’s healthy living post.

Be prepared.
Before you go to your next medical appointment, have all of your records available. If possible, send them to your provider a few days before your appointment. Consider combining multiple pages into a single PDF, which you can organize and share from your hard drive or the cloud. This will make it quicker and easier for your provider to access your health information so that they can spend more time face to face during your appointment instead of flipping through a folder.

 Make healthy choices each day.
When you wake up every morning, you are presented with a new opportunity to take control of your health. This does not mean that you have to spend your entire morning cutting vegetables or exercising. Even something as seemingly simple as walking to work and using the stairs instead of the lift can help you burn calories, work your muscles, and improve your cardiovascular system.

 Understand ergonomics.
Ergonomics is essentially the science of keeping the spine and body aligned. Unfortunately, many of us sit in a slouching position during the work day, which can cause back pain and strain. Bad Back Remedy’s affordable lumbar support system can help you stay comfortable whether you are sitting at your desk, driving, or settling into the sofa.

 Know where to get your information.
We mentioned social media in the opening. If this is currently your number one source of insight into your health, it’s time to log out of your Facebook. To educate yourself properly, make sure to use trustworthy resources, such as the British Heart Foundation, which was recently dubbed a Trusted Information Creator.

 Push for testing.
Your healthcare provider is overwhelmed each day with individuals who “don’t feel good.” With vague information, such as this, it’s difficult to make a diagnosis or to know where to begin for specialized testing. Be more specific with your doctor, and insist that what you are feeling is not normal. For example, if you are a woman experiencing stronger than normal menstrual symptoms for months on end, be detailed with your description of your discomfort and remind your physician that you know your body best.

 Put the power on your plate.
Food is the fuel that helps power each morning so that you can easily coast through the day. Make sure that you are eating the right foods at each meal. Even if you don’t have time to cook, look for healthy food services that cater to your diet, whether you are vegan, want all organic, or have a health condition, such as celiac disease.

 Utilize your benefits.
As a resident of the UK, you are automatically entitled to certain health services, such as family planning, treatment of STDs, and accident and emergency treatment. Make sure that you utilize the benefits available to you, and check your health insurance for benefits pertaining to preventive care services.

We must all be proactive about our own health. Simple steps, like sending a PDF document to our providers before our visits, using ergonomic back support, walking when possible, and knowing the best types of food to put on your plate, will help you maintain greater control over your health and wellness.

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